evolution since 1987

for over 30 years garciastromberg has created architecture and interior design solutions for hospitality, residential, and mixed-use buildings. from countless cities throughout florida to expanding urban areas of central america, we have immersed ourselves in the cultural diversities of the local vernacular. we have always been design driven and continue to take on each project with an empathetic understanding of the responsibilities for economic, political, and social criteria present in every venture.

providing solutions for multiple project typologies

our collaborative approach explores and dissects spatial experiences involving participation from clients and all consultants. together we create spaces that inspire the development process while promoting positive impacts on local communities.


architecture is materialized through multiple project typologies. for us, art and music play an integral role in the design and development process, along with 3d models, sketches, renderings and animations. the continuous layering of these different mediums each influence and enhance the other in a way that allows for each design to embody a unique site specific personality.

interior design

approached as a seamless integration of the exterior environment, our interior team carefully executes each project alongside the architectural team to ensure the spatial flow and human experience is completely synonymous with the architectural fabric. We always are researching and integrating the latest in design technologies and fabrication methodologies, and pursuing timeless design for each experience.

pursuing and exposing the process

each project is a journey where we dissect human experience and our environment. we understand the complexities and challenges present in the creation of buildings and embrace the necessity of teamwork and communication as the foundation for each vision. from the initial sketch to the finals finishes, we work as one collective unit locked in on furthering construction and architecture and its role in our evolving society.

our team

we are architects, designers, entrepreneurs, and artists driven by curiosity, working together to solve the complexities present in the creation of buildings and spaces. our success is a result of the harmonious intertwining of unique skills and experience composed within our team.

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jorge garcia


an honor graduate of the university of miami, jorge has been the driving force behind the firm’s growth and development since 1987. prior experience includes earning a reputation with highly acclaimed architectural as well as land development firms, where he grew to understand the importance of leadership within an organization, the community and the unique ability of integrating innovative architecture with rational business criteria in a balanced format.

jorge’s primary focuses are corporate leadership, design vision, collaboration and growth development for the firm’s philosophical ideals. jorge is a licensed architect in 13 states with expertise in the design of national and international facilities including hotel & resorts, commercial, institutional, mixed-use developments and residential projects.

he is a sought after authority on the realities and challenges clients face in the planning, approval and entitlement processes found in today’s challenging development environment.

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peter stromberg


a graduate of mississippi state university, peter’s design vision is the guiding force behind a number of notable national and international projects. bringing to the firm a thorough understanding of contemporary as well as vernacular theories of architecture and the complexities involved in putting projects together. he has excelled in combining clear, powerful ideas with the pragmatic needs of the client to create buildings that work beautifully.

peter assists in the entire development process overseeing everything from initial design to presentation drawings and construction. his passion is raw creation through unique ideas and finds inspiration mostly in the natural environment - space, light, sound, texture, color and form. peter’s work embodies all forms of media. he believes art through painting, sculpture and music is free of boundaries and allows form to flow fluidly helping him constantly learn and perform better as an architect.

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jackelin rodriguez


jackelin rodriguez has over 25 years of design & architectural experience with a passion in the hospitality industry. she studied at lynn university where she received a bachelor of science with a concentration in interior design, and then fulfilled her studies in architecture at florida atlantic university. she brings her knowledge of interior design to garcia stromberg, resulting from her projects around the world. these experiences have provided jackie with a background in art and architecture, allowing a certain enrichment and edge to her designs. her intuition being a foreground for her process, provides a foundation of warmth, sophistication, and a creative understatement to prove for a harmonious environment.

jackelin’s participation is hands on from the conceptual stage through to project completion, then to the grand opening and beyond as needed. her combined knowledge of architecture and interior design provides her with insight into comprehensive design that takes into account both disciplines. jackelin accomplishes designs that are timeless and appealing to their end user, never forgetting to keep in mind the objectives of the owner including budget, life cycle, and image.

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roger grave de peralta

Vice President

since arriving in 2004, roger grave de peralta has continued to grow within the firm culture and currently serves as vice president of architecture at garciastromberg. roger is a licensed architect in the state of florida and holds a master in architecture with distinction from the graduate school of design at harvard university and a bachelor of design in architecture with highest honors from the university of florida. roger’s experience in the architectural field includes a wide range of projects from low income public housing to high end residential condominiums and private homes. he has extensive experience in resort and hospitality projects including both new construction and renovation. 

roger is a LEED accredited professional with a specialization in building & construction. he served as the LEED project coordinator for the first LEED certified furniture showroom in florida.

roger strives to continue learning about design and architecture and has served as an adjunct professor at the florida atlantic university school of architecture, teaching courses in architectural theory and design to undergraduate students. in his current role at garciastromberg, he heads up various teams that explore the integration of technology in architectural design including studies in 3d computer modeling/visualization, virtual and augmented reality (ar/vr), and 3d printing.

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